If you are a security guard, one of your main tasks is to ensure the environment you work on is safe, not just for you as a security guard, but also for the employees, clients, and customers who patronize the business you are hired to watch.  For this reason, it is important that you are able to identify suspicious individuals that may want to cause harm or injury to other people or property within your watch.  The truth is learning how to identify suspicious individuals is not easy.  Books can give you hints, but nothing really beats experience because you are able to perform it instinctively, without having to recall what it is that you read.  Then again, as mentioned earlier, books, or for this case an online article, can help provide you with the hints that you need in identifying suspicious individuals.

Concealing Identity – hats, sunglasses, wigs, fake moustaches, or anything that may conceal a one’s identity may require additional monitoring.  While it is true that there are a lot of people who wear these things, it is your gut feeling and your careful observation of the person that may make your suspicion positive or not.  For experience security guards, one telltale sign is if the individual is alone and is hesitating.  If that person is with someone else, they may act like they do not know each other, or they do not appear happy and don’t talk to each other and just give each other knowing eye glances. Individuals that enter buildings like this are highly suspicious and may need further monitoring.

Head Leaning Slightly Downwards and Lots of Eye Movements – this is actually a good telltale that a person is up to no good.  They think that by having their head slightly down, no one will notice or see their eyes trying to look around and making side glances.  However, this behavior has been a profile for people doing misdeeds.

Leaving Bags, Boxes, or Paper Bags Intentionally – when someone enters a premise with something and soon after leaves without it, unless they are couriers, you can assume that that kind of behavior demands suspicion.  Such situation is not to be taken lightly as this may be the real thing this time.  Ignoring such suspicion may hurt or even kill a lot of people.

Backpacks on Retail Stores – while the wearing of a backpack is not entirely suspicious, if the person wearing the backpack is, then further monitoring of the person using plain clothes security guards can be fruitful.  Even if you see them putting some store products in their pockets or backpack, you cannot apprehend them until they try to leave the store without paying for the products they have taken.

When you are a security guard, you will often try to judge people by the way they act or by the way they clothe.  While this may sound cruel and immoral, it is necessary that you do this because this is a part of your job. In fact, to do your job as a security guard effectively, you need to be a good judge of people.

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